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7 Less known benefits of Yoga | Yoga from Home

Now that most of the IT professionals are working from home after the pandemic started. It's been one year since the movement is very much restricted and people are confined at home. This Situation is going to continue in the future also. We can say that working from home is a new normal phenomenon.

However since the body movement is very much restricted this is posing a great risk to health on the IT professionals. People have started suffering from obesity, back pain, depression, anxiety, blood pressure and diabetes. The only cure to this situation is yoga.

On the occasion of international yoga day 2021 we are bringing up this article that shows how and what are the different poses of yoga which can be done at home and I can give the Holistic health benefits of body, mind and soul.

As per ancient Hindu Shastras, Yoga means joining different natural objects. Even when we are breathing we are doing yoga. Lungs are just one part of breathing, the other part is outside of our body from where we take the oxygen so our breathing completes only after our inner part is connected with the outer world and that is called yoga.

Here is a list of a few of the yoga exercises which can be easily done at home and it will help improve our body, mind and soul.

7 Less know benefits of Yoga:

  1. It helps to improve the immunity of the body Because yoga helps to relax muscles, reduce the heart rate and relax the body.

  2. Doing yoga protects from injury because any other exercise like Jim involves the risk of injury but there is zero risk of injury in yoga.

  3. Yoga helps us to focus on the present because exercises like Pranayama improves our concentration.

  4. Yoga helps us live a balanced Life.

  5. Yoga helps improve our social life.

  6. Relieves pain in the body as there are stretching involved in the yoga poses.

  7. Yoga helps relieve The Hangover. An early morning yoga session helps to get rid off toxins in your body.

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