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India Becoming World Leader in IT with Digital India Mission

Digital India mission is a program launched by the Indian government in July 2015. The aim of this mission is to enable the citizen be digitally empowered.

Three visions of digital India.

Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen:

  • High speed internet connectivity to every citizen Like 4G, 5G and broadband connectivity.

  • Digital identity to every citizen like Aadhar card.

  • Mobile and Bank linking for easy access of banking services.

  • Cloud storage for every citizen like Digilocker.

  • Safe access to cybersecurity space.

Governance and service on demand

Government services should be seamlessly integrated together and be available to citizens on demand. For example, in case of cash booking it is booked now with a simple phone call or a mobile app now. This facility is linked with the finance department for subsidy, UIDAI for the verification and the gas utility companies for the supply.

  • Service availability should be on demand online or from the mobile application for over a phone call.

  • Integration of all the citizen entitlement and should be available on cloud.

  • Ease of doing business. Services should be digitally transformed.

  • Secure payment Digital payment and cashless payment.

Digital empowerment of citizens

  • Universal digital literacy for all the citizens. The government aims that all the citizen should be able to avail the services online.

  • Digital resources. All documents and certificates should be available on cloud.

  • Digital Services should be available in Indian languages.

9 pillars of digital India

4 Pillars of e governance

Working of the government should be online using below pillars of e-governance. We have started seeing the changes in all the services from the birth certificate to the death certificate to caste certificate everything is now available online.

Benefits realized with digital India so far:

  • Middle men are removed from the government's services like gas cylinder booking.

  • Common service centers are making a larger benefit in rural areas.

  • Digital transactions with UPI is common now.

  • Most of the central government hospitals are now online appointments booked.

  • India is able to sustain two waves of pandemic because the citizens were digitally enable.

There are lots being done on the digital India umbrella and it is going to shape the future of India.


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