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5G Interesting Innovations

Back in 2015 we could not even think about the following things at least in India:

  • Your taxy will be in your door step in just 5 minutes in just a few Clicks on your mobile.

  • Your food will be at your doorstep just in 30-40 minutes with just few Clicks on your mobile.

  • You will be able connect your distant friend via video calling at no cost.

In 2021 we cannot imagine the following things but they are going to happen with the emergence of 5G.

  • Your parcel by Amazon will be delivered by a Drone not by human and you will get it on the same day.

  • You will be able to talk to to your friends and relatives using the VR as you are physically present at the location, next version of video calling.

  • Ola and Uber will bring flying taxis which will be fully operated with 5G Technology.

  • There will be no profession called driver as the vehicles will be more of driverless and lesser people will own the car as a car will be available within 2 minutes in your doorstep.

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