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  • Ayush Sah

Know how the modern computer evolved- interesting facts

Computer or better say Electronic devices are now driving the world. If our mobile goes out of network we start feeling lonely in the crowded world of 7.9 Billion people. Ever thought? how the modern day computer evolved from multiple stages, how it reached current form and what is there in future. This article presents some interesting facts about evolution of computer.

Our modern day computer is a generation from the oldest counting machine known as ever abacus which was developed around 500 BC. Next generation of computers was Napier bones which was developed around 1617 BC. Like this many generations came named Pascaline, Leibniz calculator, Difference engine, Tabular machine. After this tablet machine our first computer came to be known as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). Next around in the 1940's John Bon Newmann, brilliant scientist, developed a 5 function Computer theory known as the Von Newman architecture of the modern computer.

The Five function includes

  1. An input unit

  2. A Central arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

  3. A central control unit CU

  4. A memory

  5. An output unit

Based on this theory in 1949 the first stored program electronic computer was made named as EDSAC.

A computer and a calculator have very much similarities such as both need electric power, input device, screen, memory movie, and numerical calculation can be done by both.

The modern day computer use parallel processing and neural networks which is also a generation from the vacuum tubes to transistor to Integrated circuit to microprocessor this all where are mark as a generation used electronic switching device with every steps from vacuum tubes the power and space needed for the computers where getting decreased for using them.

By the time the computers get classified into different characters named supercomputers, mainframe, Mini micro.


These computers are very fast and use power processing. These are are used mostly for scientific use most powerful and expensive computers available in the modern era.

Mainframe Computer:

These computers are used in large organization that frequently accessing information and quickly process many transition online mainframe computers hole approximately 70% of the entire data stored in this planet the most and beautiful advantage of Mainframe computers are these are not attacked by any virus.

Mini Computers:

Mini computers were in between Mainframes and personal computers and were used to process large volumes of data in an office. Computers are the product of third generation computer which use Integrated circuit.

Micro Computer:

Micro computers are small enough to be placed on desks and cheap enough to be owned by an individual example includes desktop and laptops these computers are mostly used for home use by non technical people the different micro Computer Based computers are personal computer workstation notebook PC and netbooks palmtop computers.

Future of computers:

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, now computer is in all the fields and also have got self thinking capabilities. We can say we have a devil in our hand now, any bad usage is going to cause destruction of entire civilization.

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