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Know what these 8 organizations and individuals are doing to protect Environment

We all know that Global Warming is on our door step now. Its not thing of a distance like Glaciers are melting or desert is increasing. Now every individual is impacted with this issue.

These are few examples which happened in recent past.

Mumbai Flood 2005- The 2005 Maharashtra floods impacted many parts of the Indian state of Maharashtra including large areas of the metropolis Mumbai, in which approximately 1,094 people died.

Kedar Nath Floods 2013- In June 2013, a mid-day cloudburst centered on Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides, becoming the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. The rainfall received that month was far greater than the rainfall the state usually received. As per reports, approx. 25000 people lost live in this floor.

2018 Kerala Flood-The flood in Kerala this time brought the mud from the rivers and such was the situation that there was 4 feet high mud mountains on the national highways. Why it happened because the trees were cut down on the bank of rivers and there is nothing to hold the rivers and the soil enters in the houses and on the roads.

Delhi Air Pollution- Fog in Delhi every winter normally it is being contributed that the farmers burning the paddy in Punjab and Haryana causing the smog and and fog in Delhi. But as per research the main contributor of this fog is the mountain of garbage in four corners of Delhi one of that in Gazipur. These garbage piles always burning and during the winter creating much air pollution.

This is the problem but there are lot of people who are working towards a solution and giving us the Ray of the hope.

  • Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi- Organization was found in March 2019 and since then its volunteers are working tirelessly to protect the environment. The organization is mainly working towards making the people conscious about environment problem and giving practical solution. The organization is providing the internship to the college students to save the environment and also a very innovative concept of Green Home is introduced where by implementing the the tips household can reduced/reuse around 80% of the waste generated at home. Click here to become volunteer with the organization. https://paryavaransanrakshan.org/

  • Apna Sansthan Rajasthan- The organization is doing commendable job in Rajasthan to plant the trees. The organization has successfully planted 60000 trees in Rajasthan which are now grown up trees.

  • Devendra Sura in Haryana is One Man Army, a person has planted 3 lakh trees in last 3 years in Haryana.

  • Hariyawal Punjab is working in Punjab and doing really commendable job by planting the trees they have planted 5.5 lacs trees in Punjab Since the time it was found. The motto of this organization is plant the trees, save water, and stop plastic.

  • Ramakant Tyagi is a man in Uttar Pradesh. One man army and his effort has rejuvenated almost dead Kali river in Kanpur. Till some time back the river was full of filth and garbage. With the effort of Ramakant Tyagi there is no more drainage going inside the river and the filth is now clean. https://www.republicworld.com/initiatives/har-ek-boond/ramakant-tyagi-is-reviving-lost-water-bodies-to-help-solve-indias-water-crisis.html

  • Green army in Raipur Chhattisgarh is another organization which is doing really appreciable job in terms of environment protection. The Organization was found in the year 2017. Since the Inception from they have successfully planted 50,000 trees and ensured that they are now grown up trees. The organization is also done a commendable job to save Gajraj pond in Raipur. https://www.greenarmyraipur.org/

  • Surabhi Tomar- She is a wonder lady in Bangalore. She has taken up in hand tough of task to revive the lost Glory of greenery of IT City Bangalore. She with the help of society has planted 1 crore tree saplings across Bangalore city. https://newsable.asianetnews.com/india/bengaluru-s-green-cover-to-grow-as-citizens-set-to-plant-one-crore-tree-sapling-q3xthw

  • Rajendra Singh is called Waterman of India. Rajendra Singh was the main force behind the revival of some 3000 Johads spread across more than 650 villages in Alwar district, Rajasthan, starting from 1984.

It has resulted in a steady rise of the groundwater table by almost 6 meters and a 33 percent increase in the forest cover in the area that was destroyed by deforestation and mining activities. Five seasonal rivers are now perennial in nature. River Alvari is a famous example which was revived with the great effort from Rajendra Singh. https://edtimes.in/heres-why-rajendra-singh-is-called-waterman-of-india/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajendra_Singh

Now it's our turn to pull up our socks and go into action mode. With the little effort we can save that environment starting from our home. Just by becoming conscious regarding the waste we generate end 20 minute effort in a day cane reduce/recycle 70% of our household waste going into the dump yard.

Watch out for our next blog for practical steps to reduce and reuse the waste generation from home.

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