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These 3 simple actions at home can save plastics going into waste

Updated: May 3, 2022

Plastic problem is no more distant problem. It's there on our doorstep. Our roads and markets are filled with plastic garbage. And we are creating new landfill of plastic mountain outside every city. We have not even spared our seasons and have filled them also with plastic. We all know that plastic does not decompose but we cannot also avoid plastic now. So what are the ways 3 steps to reduce plastic waste.

Plastics are of two types recyclable and non recyclable non recyclable plastic is one of the major 'cause of flood in the cities in past few years.

How can we reduce plastic waste coming out of foam and creating hazard to the the ecology.

1. Bring your own bag to market. One of the major cause of the non recyclable plastic is the single use plastics on which we bring vegetables and groceries at home. Until 20 years back we used to carry bag when we used to go outside of home. This single habit of every individual if we start again can reduce 50% of plastic waste.

2. Make your own Ecobrick.

Even if we are carrying our own shopping bag then also there are likely chances that we definitely bring plastic at home. As we cannot avoid plastic in our day to day life now. So what is the solution? There is a new and innovative way what is called eco brick. In this technology we can fill the non recyclable plastics in a waste water bottle or any other bottle. There are interesting facts that the plastic stuffed in an eco brick saves 10 square meter of landfill. So if we are making one Eco brick we are saving 10 square meter of a landfill. And this Eco brick is being used in construction purpose in many places. Even if you are not able to use and you are throwing it away then also you are saving a lot of plastic garbage which can go to your drain and can cause flood to your city. So from now stop throwing the garbage start making Eco brick.

3. Segregate recyclable and non recyclable waste at home. We already spoke that we can create Eco brick from the non recyclable waste which is the thin plastic which we bring home in the form of carry bags. But there are other plastics on which our grocery and other items are packed and that is fully recyclable. We should store these plastics in place of throwing away in the garbage. Stock it separately for a month. These recyclable plastics are plastic bags of a grocery items, amazon packings, milk packets, oil packets etc. Stuff them at one place and give them to to your garbage collector so that he can give to the recycling agency.

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