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What is Juice jacking ?

Juice jacking is a type of cyber attack that occurs when someone connects their mobile device to a charging port that has been compromised with malicious software. The attack allows hackers to steal sensitive information from the connected device, such as passwords, contact lists, and other data.

This type of attack can occur in public places where charging ports are available, such as airports, coffee shops, and hotels. Hackers can compromise the charging ports by installing malware or a hardware device that can intercept data and send it to the attacker.

To prevent juice jacking, it is recommended to avoid using public charging ports and instead use a wall charger or a portable power bank. If using public charging ports is unavoidable, it is recommended to use a charging-only cable, which does not transmit data, and to avoid unlocking the device or entering passwords while it is charging. Additionally, keeping your mobile device's software up-to-date and using a reputable antivirus software can also help protect against juice jacking attacks.

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