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Why you should know AI before its too late!

Think about a scenario where you are in a Zoom office meeting and you are giving your introduction like my name is xyz, I am a programmer and I am a human. Yes, you are right, in the future your coworker is going to be a robot.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which develops the Machines in such a way which can think and react like a human.

  • When the computer was invented and when we started reading about computers the main drawback which was taught to us is that a computer cannot take its own decision and it does not learn from experience. Humans have the ability to react as per the circumstances by listening, touching, seeing something. Artificial intelligence makes the Machines just like a human and it is already here.

Our smartphones are day by day loaded with more and more artificial intelligence. We have given the responsibility of remembering most of the things to our smartphones because it can retain the data as per your wish and can fetch the data quickly as per your wish. There is hardly anyone who now remembers the phone numbers or notes down the phone numbers. And now with the help of Google assistant you don't even need to type the name, just tell the Google Assistant and it will dial the number for you.

In Computer Science AI is also known as machine learning. Machine learning is part of AI which learns the system with experience. For example Google improves the search result for an individual with the experience and previous search history and several different criterias. The way human beings improve their capability with experience, the similar way with the help of machine learning a computer also improves its capability.

As of now Python programming language is the most used programming language for AI and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence terminology was first used in 1955 by John McCarthy. He was a computer scientist who spoke about artificial intelligence for the first time in a conference in the United States in the year 1956. Therefore he is called the father of artificial intelligence.

Lots of experts think and suggest that artificial intelligence is our future. But currently if we see in our surroundings, we will see that artificial intelligence is not a future but it's present. With the invention of Technologies and smartphones in every hand we are using artificial intelligence in one or other form.

Examples of current solutions which are day to day use.

1. Siri, Google assistant, Alexa: You can just keep a voice command to these tools and can get your work done for example calling a person, sending a text message or email to a person opening an app or or any website etc.. This type of work now you can do without even touching your phone now.

  1. Google Map: Google Maps very efficiently uses AI Technology. Google uses AI mapping to provide us with the correct route and it also processes the data using machine learning and learns from previous experience.

  2. Automobiles: Self driving Cars have already come on the roads. Tesla is Pioneer in it and it is using artificial intelligence for that. Experts say that by 2030 there will be no job named driver.

  3. Manufacturing industry: Lots of processes in manufacturing are being automated.. In corporate they started a new term now called human error. Everyone wants to eliminate human error now and introduce more and more automation.

Benefits of artificial intelligence.

  1. Artificial intelligence helps us reduce errors.

  2. It improves accuracy.

  3. It helps in fast decision making which enables faster work done.

  4. With the help of AI disaster management, traffic management, agriculture, medical sector etc. can be improved a lot.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

  1. AI is going to harm humans the most.

  2. AI will start working in place of humans and will take its own decisions. If there is no proper control it's going to be disastrous.

  3. Experts suggest that if thinking robots start taking humans as their enemy then it will be dangerous for humanity. Similar to when humans started taking the animals as enemies, their existence was threatened and now we see many animals only in zoos.

  4. Developing artificial intelligence is an expensive affair as well as maintaining it.

  5. AI is replacing humans from the jobs which will create job crisis for the human beings.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says “for humanity we have started learning using fire and water but we also need to know how to manage the danger associated with this. The same applies with artificial intelligence”.


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