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With these 4 Steps you can reduce water waste at home

Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage. Water conservation is important because fresh clean water is a limited resource, as well as a costly one.

Do you know? How much water we waste in our daily life?

Watch this eye opening video.

Know the 4 practical steps to save water at home.

  • Use bucket in place of shaver. Did you know?

Normally if we are using a shower to take the bath we are are using two buckets of water which is equivalent to wastage of 20 liters of water full stop while our bath can be done in one bucket. So let's take a pledge to use bucket instead of shower.

  • We have heard the concept of cutting tea. Now is the time to use cutting water. As per an estimate in India every day we waste 150 Crore liter water just by not drinking and throwing it away. Lets start #CuttingWater

  • Reuse RO and AC Water. RO rejects 60 liters water per day and 21600 liters water per year. AC (1 ton capacity) rejects 60 to 90 liters water per day and 25550 liters water per year. This can be conserved by Collecting and Reusing this rejected water.

  • Use water Aerators. Aerators are small attachments that are fitted at the end of water taps. The purpose of an aerator or flow regulator is to maintain a constant rate of water flow, which is not affected by pressure fluctuations. Water Aerators save 60% of tap Water.

Get is from here.

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